Grinders coffee shop has the best coffee in Phoenix


The coffee we dont like to brag but we think it may be the best coffee in phoenix

The walls yes that right is said the walls. On the 1st Saturday of every month Grinders has an art showing. Local artist display their art and hope that somebody will like it and buy it. So If you don’t like the art in January you may love it in February. Either way there is always something new to see.

The service/people When you step up to the counter you will be greeted with a smile by someone who is paying attention to you. Need a little help in making a decision, ask us we’ll be glad to help. When you order an espresso, latte or anything that takes a little time at Grinders you don’t have to stand there and wait for it, we will bring it to you. At Grinders Coffee Company we believe in giving you service the way it used be or as we call it “The way service should be”.

The atmosphere in many ways grinders is a lot like Cheers without the beer. Many of our customers have been coming here for several years and have become sort of fixtures. Friends have made here both young and old, from the teens and 20 something’s to the group of mostly retired gents known as the geezerados who all drive motorcycles and take road trips together. Grinders has something for everyone.

The music on the 2nd Saturday of every month grinders has professional Jazz and Blues playing out on the patio. Check out our 2nd Saturday page for more details.

The coffee , did I say the coffee, grinders is one of the few coffee shops in town which roast, grinds and brews their own beans. Our beans are organic (which means they are grown without pesticides or chemicals of any kind) We also blend our own espresso and house blends. Our espresso is a 7 bean blend which is our own special formula”

GRINDERS COFFEE COMPANY is locally owned and operated in Phoenix AZ. Except for the coffee beans we have to buy, all the money spent here stays here.

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